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Good Thief & Q&A (2 DVD's) / (BTB)

Titulo Original: Good Thief & Q&A (2 DVD's) / (BTB)

Genero:Consultar Productora: Consultar Calificación: + 13 años

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  • Full-length audio commentary by director Neil Jordan
  • Deleted scenes with optional director's commentary
  • Making-of featurette
Duración 214 minutos
Zona 1 - Estados Unidos y Canada
Lanzamiento 8/3/2004
Cantidad Discos 1 Disco(s)
Tipo de Pantalla Consultar
Precio $ 59,82

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Sinopsis / Comentarios
GOOD THEIF: Irish director Neil Jordan (THE CRYING GAME, MICHAEL COLLINS) and veteran actor Nick Nolte combine their talents for this breezy heist picture. Bob (Nolte) is a retired master thief and gambler living as an expatriot in France. His past robberies are the stuff of underworld legend, but he's given it all up, and fallen into a twilight life of heroin addiction and seedy gambling dens. Then a chance encounter with an attractive young runaway (Nutsa Kukhianidze) inspires him to clean up his act and take one last big job; an elaborate modern art heist at a swanky Riviera casino. Standing in his way is a cagey police inspector (Tchéky Karyo) who is determined to bring him down, even though the two are longtime friends.

The twisty caper plotting compliments a fun cast (including Emir Kusturica and Gérard Darmon as two of Bob's brothers in crime), clever dialogue, stylish direction, and pretty Riviera scenery. Loosely modeled on Jean Pierre Melville's BOB LE FLAMBEUR, this is something of a pet project for Jordan and it's obvious he's invested himself into every detail of the production. The result is both elegant and warmly quirky. As for Nolte, he seems to be having a terrific time; the charming old rascal role fits him perfectly, and Kukhianidze proves his match with an aplomb beyond her years. Ralph Fiennes has a small role as a disreputable art dealer.

Q & A: Taking its title from the stenographer's record in a criminal investigation, Sidney Lumet's brutal look at police corruption peers at the rotten center of crime-fighting institutions and spotlights one man's naïve attempt to intervene. Timothy Hutton is young District Attorney Al Reilly, called in on a cut and dry case. In the seemingly simple investigation of the shooting of a Puerto Rican drug lord by supposed model cop Brennan (Nick Nolte), Reilly discovers telling inconsistencies and delves further. Despite the stern advice from Chief of Homicide Quinn to resolve the case and quickly clear Brennan, the older cop's suspicious behavior and conflicting stories spur Reilly to delve further. Reilly's former fiancée, Nancy, complicates matters because she is now involved with the prime witness, Bobby Texador (Armand Assanté). With this emotional baggage, Reilly uncovers a vast web of corruption stretching from Manhattan to Puerto Rico that leads all the way to Quinn. Brennan realizes that Reilly is on to him, and he becomes ruthless, stopping at nothing to prevent the truth from surfacing. The gritty and poisonous world of hardened urban cops surfaces as Lumet illustrates the crusading Reilly's uncompromising honesty against the landscape of racism, lies, and illicit allegiances that lurk below every surface of the city.



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